Thin Stone Designer & Visualization Studio

Upload your Own Image, Visualize One of Ours, or Have ACR Stone Group do it for You!

Take the guess work out of your next stone project. The ACR Project Designer will transform your space with any of the STONEYARD® natural stone veneer products. This powerful tool will allow you to see the “before & after” of your project before any of the construction begins! Not only can you try all of the stone veneer colors and shapes, but you can also change aspects like pant color and siding. Don’t have the time to design yourself? Send your photos with a brief description of where you would like to see the stone and with what products. One of our representative will do the work for you!

Here’s How it Works:

Option 1: Upload a photo of your space to our designer. Select the area you would like to see natural stone veneer, then select the shape and color of stone desired. Once it populates you can save and share the images you create.

Option 2: Choose one of the many projects that have been pre-selected for easy population. Just click the desired area and add your favorite stone veneer!

Option 3: Send ACR Stone Group a photo of your home, fireplace, or any other space. Click the button below and fill out the form with your contact information, a description of where you would like to see the stone, and what products you are interested in. ACR will do the rest and send you the completed project for your review.