Stonecraft Thin Stone

Stonecraft thin stone offers a wide selection of thin stone in many colors and styles to fit any application. Click the profiles below to view available colors.


Hill Country Heritage
Wisconsin Heritage
Chardonnay Heritage
StoneCraft River Rock
Colorado Fieldstone
Pennsylvania Monarch
Pennsylvania Top Rock
Pennsylvania Fieldstone
Pennsylvania Ledgestone
Pennsylvania Heritage
Valley Forge Fieldstone
Valley Forge Monarch
Valley Forge Cobble
Realen Top Rock
Mountain Monarch
Warm Springs Top Rock
Warm Springs Fieldstone
Warm Springs Heritage
Canyon Grey Monarch
Canyon Grey Fieldstone
Canyon Grey Cobble
Tennessee Laurel Cavern Ledge
Pennsylvania Laurel Cavern Ledge
DutchCraft Foundation
Tennessee Ledgestone


Hamilton Laurel Cavern Ledge
Hamilton Farmledge
Hamilton Ledgestone
Hamilton Heritage
Kingsford Grey Ledgestone
Grey Cobble
Westchester Farmledge


Old Ohio Heritage
Ohio Heritage
Tan Heritage
Mountain Fieldstone
Mountain Cobble
Sandstone Monarch
Wisconsin Ledgestone
Chardonnay Ledgestone
Bucktown Ledgestone
Bucktown Heritage
Bucktown Fieldstone
Brown Top Rock
Chardonnay Laurel Cavern Ledge
Asher Laurel Cavern Ledge
Ridley Farmledge

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