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Sculpted Ashlar - Grouse

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Sculpted Ashlar is the modern touch on classic charm. This manufactured mixed stone sizes bring natural warmth to interiors and exteriors, while precise lines keep it an appropriate choice for sleeker spaces. Dimensions (approx): 2.25" - 7.57" H  x  5.5" - 20.5" L

Flats- Sm Box:
11.25sf, 120lbs (20 boxes/pallet)
Flats- Lg Box:
124sf, 1315lbs (1 box/pallet)
Corners- Sm Box:
8lf, 105lbs (20 boxes/pallet)
Corners- Lg Box:
64lf, 840lbs (1 box/pallet)
Additional charges may apply when ordering less than a full pallet