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Ancient Villa Ledgestone - Palisades

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A blend of regular and irregular shapes, Ancient Villa Ledgestone is the epitome of rustic charm. This manufactured stone adds a Mediterranean allure to interiors and outdoor structures with large, patchwork stone design.


Heights: 2" to 12" | Lengths: 5" to 16" | Typical Thickness: 1.25" to 1.75"

Color Tones: Grey, Beige, Rust

Stone Type: Concrete

Flats- Carton:
11.25 SF, 112 LBS (20 cartons/pallet)
Flats- Big Box:
124 SF, 1155 LBS (1 box/pallet)
Corners- Carton:
8 LF, 98 LBS (20 cartons/pallet)
Corners- Big Box:
64 LF, 785 LBS (1 box/pallet)
Additional charges may apply when ordering less than a full pallet