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Old Country Fieldstone - Chardonnay

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Old Country Fieldstone brings country charm to the 21st century. This manufactured stone is highly versatile, it’s a great choice for looks ranging from over grouted rural Tuscan to tight-fitted formal finishes.  Its textured surface and varied shapes create a rustic yet refined look, perfect for adding character to any exterior or interior space.

Heights: 1.5" - 10" | Lengths: 4" - 16.5" (approx)

Color Tones: Offers a classic blend of warm beige and subtle cream tones, capturing the timeless charm of traditional fieldstone.

Stone Type: Manufactured Stone

Flats- Sm Box:
11.25 SF, 110 LBS (20 boxes/pallet)
Flats- Lg Box:
90 SF, 850 LBS (1 box/pallet)
Corners- Sm Box:
8 LF, 110 LBS (20 boxes/pallet)
Corners- Lg Box:
64 LF, 815 LBS (1 box/pallet)
Additional charges may apply when ordering less than a full pallet