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Dressed Fieldstone - Chardonnay

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The rugged aesthetic of Dressed Fieldstone complements any natural environment. This manufactured stone boasts a rich texture and diverse range of colors making it a versatile choice to enhance a wide array of architectural designs. From rustic cottages nestled in the countryside to modern urban developments, the captivating texture and hues create a timeless and inviting atmosphere.


Dimensions (approx): 2.5" - 14" H  x  4" - 22" L

Flats- Sm Box:
11.25sf, 125lbs (16 boxes/pallet)
Flats- Lg Box:
90sf, 1120lbs (1 box/pallet)
Corners- Sm Box:
8lf, 115lbs (20 boxes/pallet)
Corners- Lg Box:
64lf, 900lbs (1 box/pallet)
Additional charges may apply when ordering less than a full pallet