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Signature Bullnose - Yorkshire

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Signature Bullnose features a combination of rounded edges and sawn edges. This natural stone is ideal for use as a pool coping, step tread, or fireplace hearth. It is available in a Yorkshire color in straight and corner pieces. Both styles feature a sawn and lightly textured top.
Each straight piece is 14" x 24" x 2" with 1 rounded edge and 3 rockfaced edges.
Each corner piece is 14" x 14" x 2" with 2 rounded edges and 2 rockfaced edges.


Signature Bullnose straight and corner pieces can be combined to create a beautiful and unique hearth. A corner piece can be used at each end, and straight pieces can be used to fill the center.
14" x 24" (straight pc):
70lbs, 30pcs/pallet
14" x 14" (corner pc):
45lbs, 30 pcs/pallet
May purchase by the piece or pallet