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Square & Rectangular - Union

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Union is a small to medium sized ashlar style stone with both square and rectangular pieces. This natural stone features colors ranging from medium to dark brown with subtle rust tones. It is typically installed with a mortar joint, but it may be installed in a dry-stacked style with additional cutting and fitting.


Heights: 4" to 12" | Lengths: 6" to 16" | Typical Thickness: 0.75" to 1.5"

Color Tones: Brown, Rust

Stone Type: Granite

Flats- Sm Box:
8 SF, 130 LBS (12 boxes/pallet)
Flats- Crate:
100 SF, 1460 LBS (1 crate/pallet)
Corners- Sm Box:
6 LF, 83 LBS (12 boxes/pallet)
Corners- Crate:
65 LF, 880 LBS (1 crate/pallet)