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Cultured Stone Flat Capstones

*Note sold in Full Pallet Increments Only / Inquire if individual units are needed.
  • We Ship Nationwide

Boral Cultured Stone Flat Capstones are crafted to perfection, these premium flat capstones bring a touch of sophistication to any project. Elevate your outdoor living space, accentuate architectural features, or create stunning landscape designs with ease. Designed for durability and aesthetics, Boral Cultured Stone Flat Capstones offer unmatched versatility and beauty.

Sizes (available in 2 sizes):

  • 10" x 20" (2" approx. thickness)
  • 12" x 20" (2" approx. thickness)

Colors: Champagne, Gray, Nightfall, Sable, Taupe

Stone type: Manufactured Stone

10" x 20" (2" approx. thickness):
52 pcs per pallet/1.39 SF/22lbs
12" x 20" (2" approx. thickness):
39pcs per pallet/1.67 SF/27bs
Available by pallet only. / Inquire if individual pieces are needed.