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Cultured Stone Keystone

*Note sold in Full Carton Increments Only / Inquire if individual units are needed.
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Boral Cultured Stone Keystones are crafted with precision and artistry, these keystones are designed to add a touch of timeless elegance to any building facade. Whether you're enhancing the grand entrance of a residence or adding sophistication to a commercial project, these meticulously crafted architectural accents elevate the overall aesthetic appeal. Designed to complement any stone or stucco treatment with a carefully chosen variety of colors. They can also be cut or shaped to conform to any arch radius, offering tremendous design flexibility. 


  • 5 1/2W" (bottom) x 8"W top x 10" height x 1 7/8" thick 

Colors: Champagne, Gray, Nightfall, Sable, Taupe

Stone type: Manufactured Stone

5 1/2W" (bottom) x 8"W top x 10" height x 1 7/8" thick:
4 pcs per carton/39lbs
Available by carton only. / Inquire if individual pieces are needed.