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Pillar Stone

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Belterra Delivers Another Level of Real Stone Aesthetic

Belterra offers a real stone appearance that complements and integrates seamlessly with multiple materials and home styles, creating balance and flow while providing patented water protection for your property

  • Realistic manufactured ledgestone look with sharp details and superior colors.
  • Over 50 unique ledgestone panels for each color prevents the “repeat look”
  • Five phenomenal colors – one for almost every project.
  • Our patented flashing system protects your home from water damage and requires less wall preparation than other mortarless and mortared products
  • One of the lowest total cost solutions (material and labor) for almost every project
    Product Details:


    Type: 18" x 24" widths

    Height: 6"

    Use: Build 14 7/8” or 20 ¼” pillars. Standard kit heights are 48” & 54”, excluding caps.

    Mailbox insert options available.

    Panel Thickness: 1.75"

    Pillar Kits include: Stone, Pre-Cut Wood Frame, WRB, Screws (cap not included)

    Mailbox Kits include: Stone (including mailbox arch), Pre-Cut Wood Frame, Mailbox, WRB, Screws (cap not included) 48" H for curbside or 54" H for roadside

18" Pillar Stone:
1lf, 8pcs (covers 4 sides), 85lbs (16 boxes/pallet)
24" Pillar Stone:
1lf, 8pcs (covers 4 sides), 95lbs (16 boxes/pallet)
18" Pillar Kit:
3-4lf, 3-4 boxes, 400-475lbs
24" Pillar Kit:
3-4lf, 3-4 boxes, 500-575lbs
48" Mailbox Kit:
4lf, 4 boxes, 475lbs
54" Mailbox Kit:
5lf, 5 boxes, 600lbs
See Product Description for kit information

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